We are survivors supporting survivors.


Square Circles - Ladies who are managing their lives despite challenges. Dare to be different, but thriving in our own way.


Bold fighters.


This is a support group initially focusing on women who have battled breast cancer; the more we thought about the concept though we decided that we open up to encompass survivorship on many different levels. We understand in our community many women are surviving situations such as; homelessness, domestic violence, single parenthood, other illnesses on top of other challenging social and economic dynamics.


We are a support group which will have ladies come together, sit and talk and commune. We will share stories, may be do a pot luck, perhaps hold and attend events. We are starting small and comfortable. We will share our stories, and we will have access to some great speakers and experts. There will be educational, medical, nutritional and fitness professionals on hand, as well as access to information for social services.


We will grow as a referral service, and we help in any which way we can.


Square Circles is here to assist and make things better.


Peace Family, Let's Build Together!!!!